The Boroondara Youth Foundation is a local foundation that is dedicated to supporting young people. Our vision is to empower Boroondara youth to create and lead their own community-strengthening projects. We provide grants of up to $1,500 to individuals and groups aged 14-25 from various schools, tertiary institutions, community groups, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises with a ‘community-focused’ idea. We aim to foster youth empowerment and leadership by equipping Boroondara youth with a platform to create a positive social impact for both the community as well as themselves.

Our story

The Youth Foundation was initially established in Ashburton and was founded with the support of the State Government and the Bendigo Community Bank®. This joint support was common for the various Youth Foundations established around Victoria at the time. During this period the emphasis was on youth making decisions for funding of youth projects – By Youth, For Youth

Bendigo Community Bank® branches located in Ashburton, Balwyn, Canterbury and Surrey Hills provided the initial seed funding with the State Government to get the Foundation up and running. It was managed by a committee made up of government appointees, the Community Bank® and the Craig Family Centre which auspice the program.

In 2011 the State Government discontinued its support. The Bendigo Community Bank® continues to sponsor the program. It believes that Boroondara Youth Foundation is important to the growth and development of youth in the area which extends beyond the boundaries of Boroondara to provide support to youth in need of leadership opportunities, which is important to the greater community.

As a community organisation, the Community Bank® continues to see the need for youth involvement in community activities and understands the importance the exposure has to their lives and those of others.

Our partners

BYF is supported by Bendigo Bank, which has branches in Asburton, Balwyn, Canterbury, and Surrey Hills.

The Craig Family Centre has long been a treasured meeting place and children’s centre for over 50 years in Ashburton community.

The Craig started its life as a result of a £2000 bequest from the niece of WEJ Craig, an early Camberwell business man. Money was donated to the Camberwell Council to build a Children’s Centre as a memorial to her uncle in the part of Ashburton known then as Alamein.

Triyo is a multidisciplinary design consultancy located in Melbourne. They specialise in Strategic Design and research.